Career Views

Over a long career in international banking. Always lucky to have a great view.   New York City. First job at Republic National Bank of NY. French Château mansion @ 40th & Fifth Avenue. My own huge window on the 7th floor looking uptown to the New York Public Library and beyond.     San…

Morning Porch Surprise

Having coffee on the porch overlooking the sea. And what do I see? Jumping sharks? No. Dolphins?! On the South Fork of Long Island? How can that be? Dr. Husband happened to have his telephoto lens handy or I wouldn’t believe it myself.  

Road Trek to Québec

In the summer of 2001, as Ben was traipsing around the British Isles at 12 years old, with his beloved native Londoner former nanny Sylvia, we parents took a side trek of our own. In our BMW 5-speed sedan. Comfort like living room leather couches, but Dr. Husband drove the whole way. The longest driving…

Mother’s May

May 2011. Amongst Mama’s favorite memories. Ben’s Graduation. NYU. Javits Center, New York City. He’s on the stage as recipient of the award for Best Undergraduate Thesis and Highest Honors in Economics. NYU President John Sexton greets Ben as a familiar friend. They ran into each other often when Ben was Editor of Washington Square News…

Souvenirs Proches

Carol’s dearest memories. Curated albums. Her most souvenir proche from St. Bart’s. Son Ben. Photos by Gary F. Levine, M.D. FORBIDDEN CITY- China Mongolia Tibet FOG CITY- San Francisco  GOTHAM CITY- New York PARADISE CITY- Northampton TRAVEL TREKS- Europe Caribe America