San Francisco


July 1982 – 1987

A Private Deck Over the Laundry Room
Through our Dining Room Window 



August 1987 – 1994







gough trompe l'oeil












Fine Dining





GARY’S 40th

November 1988


Few months later
A baby shower at Dianne’s









No haircuts
No maternity clothes
Just big designer stuff

Then there was Ben


First dinner out 7 days old
Perry’s Union Street with Pop














And… our Sylvia

She Loved Christmas… and Ben


Windmill Park
Ocean Beach

ben windmill park sf

Ben’s “Closet”


Entertaining Paige in his crib

ben paige crib

Lafayette Park
AKA Ben’s Park






Birthday bike


Ben’s 5th Birthday at Lafayette Park
June 1994









With Lucy at D&L’s Gehricke Vineyard

sonoma lucy

Ben’s 2nd Birthday Sonoma Square
June 1991

Ben’s 4th Birthday at Viansa Winery
June 1993

viansa 4th party

gary viansa party

best viansa party

ring around viansa

Train Town 


Adventure from Northampton
Visiting Our Old Haunts

sonoma strawstrain town


Cold NoCal Beach Day





Lucy’s Wedding
With Gary & Doug

gary carol doug


Crocker Bank
1982 – 1986

Moved to San Francisco from Manhattan. Got a job in the Latin America area of Crocker Bank. First office was in the original marble relic One Montgomery Street building. Soon moved to new high rise at Kearny & Post, 33rd Floor. Panoramic view of Alcatraz and the Bay. Open floor, no walls.

In 1986, a failing Crocker Bank was temporarily rescued by Midland Bank PLC. A major investment in Ecuador sunk both ships. Wells Fargo bought out Crocker. There was a farewall party where everyone was given lucite tombstones, literally shaped as real tombstones which read, Crocker RIP.

One day boxes appeared next to most desks on the floor. No HR announcement was made. I was one of the few who didn’t get the boxes and went on to work at Wells Fargo.

For those who were not hired by Wells Fargo, many went on to Bank of America.

Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN)
1986 – 1994

ABN was a global Dutch bank which at the time rivaled CitiCorp. It had a small group of international bankers in San Francisco. A former Crocker SVP joined ABN to manage an expanded presence. He brought several former Crocker people with him and hired me away from Wells Fargo. ABN was then on the corner of California & Kearny, a modern green building. We each got a Wyse desktop computer, huge things. We were mandated to take courses to learn to use them. First introduction to a computer for all of us.

The expanded group soon moved to the 27th Floor of the Bank of America building at 555 California, across the street. Again, open floor with panoramic views of Alcatraz and the Bay. We had great Dutch ex-pats rotate through our office every two years.

In October 1989,  we shook like crazy. Little 4-month old Ben was home with his new nanny Sylvia and Gary was across the GGB in Marin. Scary day of the Big Quake. Walked down 27 flights, glass all over the streets, no power. Finally got home to find everybody okay.

In 1990, ABN merged with another Dutch bank AMRO. I brought the new senior executives of ABN AMRO from Chicago and Amsterdam to meet my clients including Bechtel, McKesson, and Huntsman in Salt Lake City.

They were so impressed that when I left San Francisco in 1994 to move back to New England, they asked me to head up the Boston office which was struggling. I restructured and turned it around from 3% to 10% ROE.