Manhattan 360




Childhood Connection

1960’s & beyond. Tagged along with Daddy Joe on his men’s clothing buying trips. From Springfield & Wilbraham to NYC. Fun in the city and lots of restaurants.

Life Changing

Winter 1980, Carol left teaching Spanish & French at Longmeadow High School and Massachusetts. Looked for a new career in New York. Spent cold winter days interviewing at Deloitte, Revillon Furs, and Republic National Bank. Hung out at St. Patrick’s Cathedral between appointments to keep warm.

Got offers from all three but ended up at Republic, leaving $9,500 teaching salary for a whopping $18,000. Wow! Moved to Scarsdale, New York to live with sister Cindy & her friend Elaine. Commuted in on Metro North from Hartsdale stop.

55 West 76th     1980 – 1981

Carol & Cindy soon moved into the City. One night they strolled over to the Park where Tosca was being performed al fresco. Walked by throngs on blankets when a voice yelled, Candy! That was Carol’s then nickname. Turned to see former college roommate Jane Levy waving. She introduced her friend Jane G. Sat with them and chatted. Jane G. mentioned that her Greenwich Village friend and neighbor was single. Would Candy be interested in talking to him. He’s a handsome pediatrician, went to Columbia. But doesn’t commit so just for dating and fun. Okay. A few days later, Dr. Gary Levine called. He asked what was Candy’s real name. He could never date a person named Candy. Talked to him anyway on the phone a few times, then met downtown at his place in the Village. A truly blind date. July 15, 1981. And.  The rest is history.


Republic National Bank of New York    1980 – 1982


452 Fifth

French Château on 40th & Fifth. 7th Floor. Carol’s own huge window up there second from the left. Assistant to top executive CW. Every morning she’d greet the guard at the door as the trolleys of gold bullion were being lowered from the amoured truck to the basement vault. Republic was the gold price standard for the markets each day. Bank Notes, too. Two rows of mahogany desks. Everyone worked in a fun open atmosphere. Syrian, Lebanese, European, American Muslims & Christians & Jews. Quite the Ecumenical Banking Crew. Amongst the best people Carol ever knew.

Edmond Safra, a Syrian Lebanese Brasilian Jew owned the Bank. He had the entire 9th Floor Penthouse office suite where he held court for the Marcos’ and Saudi princes alike. With his mafia Cyril Dwek, Shua Yedid, Jeff Keil, Walter Weiner. Edmond took a group of us to the opening of the Rodin Wing at the National Gallery in Washington D.C. He and his wife Lily donated it. Yes. That’s right. In 1999, Edmond died in an infamously murderous fire at his Monaco château.

Greenwich Avenue
West Village
1981 – 1982


54 greenwich

Gary was teaching medicine uptown at Metropolitan Hospital. One day Carol impressed him with a bank-owned stretch limo which picked him up to meet her for lunch at Le Relais on Madison & 63rd. After that and a few weekends in the Springs in the Hamptons with home-cooked Colitti Spaghetti, Gary asked Carol to move down to his loft on Greenwich Avenue.

In the Spring of 1982, G&C traveled to China. Carol’s sister Cathy moved to New York for a month to take over her desk at Republic as CW’s assistant. You’ll have to ask them how that went.  Soon after…



June 20, 1982
76th & Park

Missy’s Apartment
Generous Friend & Hostess

With Joey & Joe





With Dad & Mom
Joe & Carole

With Gary’s Dad & Mom
Ellis & Betsey
(yes she did) 


Gary with his new family




Gary’s cousin Marilyn with Aunt Vera






Grandma Birdie Strahl charming Uncle Billy Russell
Grandpa Phil Levine






Carol’s colleagues from Republic Safra Bank
Danny Betsy&John Annette Hope Rouby Deborah

Friends of Gary
Jane&Willie  Cindy&Howie  Andy&Vi  Stanley&Susan  Peter&Joy

Matchmaker Jane Levy


Family partied after Wedding Eve dinner
Grotta Azzura Little Italy
We  didn’t
We smart




Aw Love







June 20, 1982
Carlyle Hotel
76th & Madison

Photo from C&G’s honeymoon suite – San Remo towers across the Park
Who knew they’d live next door in a few decades

Married Life Began with a Cross-Country Road Trip to Fog City
Pacific Heights, San Francisco  1982 – 1994

Then Carol Gary & Ben Moved to Paradise City
Northampton, Massachusetts  1994 – 2016

But always in the City …


1999 – 2000
500 Park Avenue

For a time, Carol even commuted from Northampton to Manhattan. That’s right. Took a car service to New Haven, then Metro North to Grand Central. Walked up Park to 59th to ABN AMRO North America HQ. She’d been promoted to Regional Managing Director to head up an Eastern U.S. marketing group. Corner office looked out at a Caviarteria. Lots of nights at The Plaza.

ABN AMRO soon imploded from internal corruption in Amsterdam and got bought out by Royal Bank of Scotland, which then failed during the financial crisis. A former global international banking behemoth, ABN AMRO shrunk to become a retail bank in the Netherlands.



March 2001
88th & Second Avenue

Friends & family from Coast-to-Coast
We hosted everyone at the
Excelsior Hotel
Limo’d crosstown to
Elaine’s & then a mafia disco to celebrate

Gary  Cathy&Dennis  Joe&Alison  Deb&Craig  Cindy&Bob  Lucy  Lydia  Eileen&Bob  Nancy  Robert&Rosemary  Mike&Kim  Anne&Peter














Winter 2005
Central Park

Visited the City frequently
Stayed at the
Excelsior Hotel
Brother Joe & Alison worked at
Frank Stella Men’s Store across the block

San Remo towers in the background
Who knew it’d become C&G’s future backyard




2007 – 2011

As an Ambassador who gave tours to prospective NYU students, Ben was one of those guys walking backwards around Greenwich Village. He and John Sexton, President got to know each other on the street. When the College of Arts & Sciences was looking for a new Dean, Sexton asked Ben to be the only undergraduate on the Search Committee.

May 2011
New York University

Proudest and a most dear memory

ben grad

On stage at the Javits Center stands Ben with 3 other honored undergrads behind faculty illuminati during NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences graduation. 1,800 classmates cheer him on from the floor as he is introduced recipient of the Borgman-Phi Beta Kappa Prize for Most Outstanding Undergraduate Honors Thesis:

Functional Data Analysis of Economic Bubbles: Creating a Coherent Shape of Inflationary Phenomena’.

As Ben crosses the stage with his diploma in Economics (highest honors) and Journalism (magna cum laude), President John Sexton reaches for a heartfelt hug. Ben says, ‘Thank you, John’. John replies, ‘Thank you, Ben’.  Kleenex please.

ben and sexton


Ogilvy Career
2011 –


ogilvy associates

As a freshman at NYU, Ben took an honors seminar. Carla Hendra came to talk to the students about her work as an Executive at Ogilvy & Mather. After thatBen became interested in advertising as a potential career. As soon as he graduated, he applied to get into the extremely competitive Associates program at Ogilvy. And he did. It was during the Mad Men television era, so Mamma dubbed him mAdBen.

Selected a Young Lion in 2014, at Cannes Lions in France with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

ben and neil

Then. Meteoric progression.

By 2018, mAdBen was an Executive Group Director and Lead for Global Partnerships.



2007 – 2014

Freshman year at Hayden dorm on Washington Square, with roommate Andrei, from Romania. Financial District, Water Street first semester sophomore year with Rob; second semester at NYU in London, Nido. Junior & Senior years in an apartment on St. Mark’s Place with Susie.

St. Mark’s Place

st marks

Washington Square

washington square


River Place
After graduation, Ben moved to River Place at 42nd on the Hudson. 
During NYU and after, Mamma & Dad stayed at Hotel Giraffe on 26th & Park Ave South. Lots of strolls around Flatiron & Madison Park.

flatiron sunset






2014 – 2016
Upper West 80’s

Ben then moved uptown






March 9, 2016

Photo at dawn from Excelsior Hotel when looking for an apartment
Found one next to those San Remo towers



Spring 2016

74th & Central Park West
Full Circle








Christmas Day 2016
Central Park

xmas central park


Thanksgiving 2017
Carlyle view from C&G’s CPW bedroom window

first balloon

Snowy April 2 2018
Carlyle always in the distance


Father’s Day Eve 2018
Al fresco at Tavern on the Green

daddy & ben