Road Trek to Québec

In the summer of 2001, as Ben was traipsing around the British Isles at 12 years old, with his beloved native Londoner former nanny Sylvia, we parents took a side trek of our own. In our BMW 5-speed sedan. Comfort like living room leather couches, but Dr. Husband drove the whole way. The longest driving trip since our cross-country honeymoon/move to San Francisco on Route 80 with detours to Santa Fe and L.A.

Started up the Northway (87) by the Lakes, into the Adirondacks to Montréal. Two nights at the Hotel Place d’Armes in the old city section. Great stay and food. Headed north to Québec City and were silly enough to just have lunch and not overnight. After a seemingly never-ending trip up the St. Lawrence River, finally arrived at Malbaie in Charlevoix.

Hotel Le Manoir Richelieu. The site of last week’s controversial G-7 Summit where Trump bumped up against Trudeau and most of the EU. Beautiful views of the St. Lawrence.


A casino next door where Dr. Husband won enough for a great dinner and wine back at the hotel. Played golf on a hilltop course.

Then crazy us. Drove over 8 hours back to Northampton through Vermont (89 to 91). Stopped for lunch in Burlington. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend trekking that far to see the Richelieu without a few more overnights in between. But a beautiful journey with breathtaking vistas nonetheless. Then 9/11 happened.

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