Cindy Jo

Cindy at Elaine’s. My 50th. 2001. Cindy’s 60th at Isabella’s. 2016. Thanksgiving at Joe’s. 2015. Thanksgiving at Cathy’s. 2012. Thanksgiving at Cindy’s. 2007.    

Gang of Tree 2018

Veniero’s Italian sfogliatella, cannoli, pasticcino. Too good to describe from the Lower East Side. Topped off the tree decorating party again. Thanks, Jess! Gang of Tree 2018. Garrett. Lauren. Gwen. Ben. Adele. Jess.

Career Views

Over a long career in international banking. Always lucky to have a great view.   In New York City, first job at Republic (Safra) Bank on 452 Fifth @ 40th Street.       Château mansion. My own huge window on the 7th floor looking uptown to the New York Public Library and beyond.   On…