mAd Ben – The Story

Mad Men, a seven-season tv series phenomenon about the mid-century advertising world was an obsession in our home. So. When Ben became an advertising Associate at his coveted first job at Ogilvy, I dubbed him mAd Ben.


mAd Ben – The Story … so far

2007 Mad Men Season 1
Graduated, Northampton High School
Accepted to NYU College of Arts & Sciences

2008 Mad Men Season 2
NYU Freshman Honors Seminar:
Carla Hendra, an advertising executive at Ogilvy
gave a presentation which really rang a bell with Ben

2011 Mad Men Season 5
Graduated, NYU
Highest Honors, Economics
Prize for Best Thesis, College of Arts & Sciences

Applied to Ogilvy Associates Program
Chosen on Super Saturday

2014 Mad Men Season 7
25th Birthday

Ogilvy Account Supervisor
Cannes Young Lion

2019 mAd Ben Season 8

30th Birthday

Ogilvy Worldwide Leadership Team
Executive Partner, Head of Global Partnerships

With colleagues including Carla Hendra
at Cannes Lions

2011 Associates Program Alum 

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