South Fork Escape July 2020

Middle Pond Southampton                           Harbes Mattituck Fresh Lemonade     Shelter Island Ferries   Clam Bar Fix 2020       Many gorgeous sunsets Different every night         Evening pergola     Night lights on the pond  

Trente – Huit

Joyeux Anniversaire 38!   Paris 1999.  C’était si bon.

Happy Momma Day 2020

Fun. Despite the social distancing circumstances. You made my year.   Et. Merci pour les jolies fleurs mon fils.  

4th Annual Tree Gang

2019 OG Ben. Missed Garrett. Welcomed Spencer & Tore. Adele. OG’s Jess & Lauren. And Gwen   2018 Garrett. Lauren. Gwen. Ben. Adele. Jess. Jess brings Italian treats from Veneiro’s Bakery.   2017 Susie. Lauren. Jess. Ben. Garrett.   2016 Ben. Garrett. Jess. Lauren. Lauren’s Jonathan Adler ornament became her annual gift. No photo of…

CPW Tradition

Ben visits for Macy’s Parade. It’s a little different every year. This one had very low balloons due to very high wind gusts. But. Hey. Our 4th together. Fun!

Trick-or-Treating in Ghirardelli Square

What better place to trick-or-treat as a little kid than Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. All the stores including the chocolate factory gave out goodies. Ben’s best friend Paige’s mother was the manager of the shopping complex next to Aquatic Park on the Bay. Sylvia made Ben’s “Pete Pan” costume, as he called it. Paige…

Lindsey Revisits 130 Hillcrest

Niece Lindsey did a drive-by of our old homestead in Florence, Massachusetts while attending a wedding at Valley View Farm in Haydenville. The place still looks good!

mAd Ben – The Story

Mad Men, a seven-season tv series phenomenon about the mid-century advertising world was an obsession in our home. So. When Ben became an advertising Associate at his coveted first job at Ogilvy, I dubbed him mAd Ben.   mAd Ben – The Story … so far 2007 Mad Men Season 1 Graduated, Northampton High School Accepted…

Like Yesterday…

SOME OF BEN’S BIRTHDAYS Sonoma Square, California Momma lights second birthday candles on a fancy strawberry cake from a corner bakery there. Ben looks on from behind the cake. Harry Tannenbaum in the middle, Robert Poole on the left. Friends from San Francisco.   Lafayette Park 3rd Birthday Party San Francisco, California   Viansa Winery Sonoma, California…